Predictive analytics for equity investments

Prelycs is a large scale data analytics and optimization solution for investment managers. Our technology analyzes big datasets depending on your investment constraints and provides you with a quantifiable answer to your investment needs.

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Data driven investment research

We provide automated multi-timeframe investment research based on buy, hold and sell recommendations. The research can be provided on index, sector, stock level or any custom investment universe definition.

Prelycs uncovers market setups on an empirical basis and can adapt to almost any quantifiable constraint such as draw downs, Sharpe Ratio requirements, or return rates.

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Why Prelycs?


Cost-effective research provided on a daily basis for your specific needs; no change of your investment process

Superior performance

Our research is tailored specifically to your requirements so we can deliver deeper and more relevant insights

Data driven and digital

Our empirical approach is based on a fully digitalized analytics process driven by high performance machine learning techniques

Web-based dashboard

Quick onboarding, auto-updating analytics and branded reports for your customers


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